Unique platform designed to help keep your loved one in constant contact with their circle of family and friends

Allwayswithyou is a cloud-based digital platform that is simple, intuitive, affordable, and entertaining. It enables people to continue sharing their lives with their loved ones, no matter what the circumstances.

For Care Service Providers

For Care Service Providers it is a platform to deliver enhanced personalised care service

Allwayswithyou helps keep the loved one at the centre of the care service while helping integrate the Care Assistant with their lives, their memories, their friends and their families.

Innovative approach to Care delivery

A platform that brings innovation to how care service providers interact with their clients and ultimately to enhances all aspects of delivering the care service.

Enhanced collaboration

Adopts a collaborative approach to service delivery which includes family, friends, carers, voluntary organisations providing a safe and peronsalised experience.

Realtime Communication

A platform that enables real-time communication between the Care Service Provider and their clients.

Works with any Hand held Device

The Allwayswithyou application runs on both Apple/IOS and Android providing care Service Providers multiple options re deployment.

Establishing Meaningful Connections

Establishing a meaningful connection between the Care Assistant and the Loved one is simplified by the many triggers for conversation which can be initiated.

Caters for all Circumstances

Customisable experience regardless of age, levels of ability (physical and mental), educational levels of attainment, and/or socio-economic status.

Reminiscence Therapy Platform

Reminiscence Therapy has the potential to assist carers in developing a deeper attachment and connection to the person with dementia.

Enabling Independent living

Allwayswithyou extents independent living by offering the ability to exercise choice, control and autonomy over lives.

Commercial Licenses Available

We offer flexible business models including commercial licenses to meet all Care Provider’s needs..

For family

For family, friends and their community, it is a way of never loving contact

This secure, user friendly platform makes sharing personal content not only simple keeping those closest to you involved in each other’s lives no matter what distance or obstacles stand in the way.

Share Life Stories

Rebuild and share  life stories that bring a smile to your loved ones face.

Organize Content

Organise favourite content including photos, videos and music into albums for ease of playback.

Invite your Circle of friends

Include  friends, family and community - those who care most for your loved ones.

Ease of Use Platform

This platform is designed with ease of use from any smartphone or device, no matter how many members.

Tablet for your Loved One

A dedicated tablet, paired securely to the Allwayswithyou portal - ready for playback and viewing.

Personalised Reporting

Receive regular insights to usage giving you the reassurance that all is ok.

Enabling Independent living

Allwayswithyou helps your loved one optimise their ability to exercise choice, control and autonomy over their lives.

Choice of playback options

You decide if fully automated playback is best option for your loved one or allow them to interact and choose albums for viewing.

Sign up easily

Sign up is easy - 3 steps to get up and running.

For loved ones

For loved ones, it is a treasured window for viewing the lives of their families and those closest

We help you maintain meaningful connections with your community of family, friends and neighbours. Allwayswithyou offers you a safe and secure way to stay in touch with the lives of those closest to you, it is a way of never losing contact.

Maintain Meaningful Connections

Stay in touch with your circle of friends, family and community no matter where they are located.

Safest Way to stay in touch

Your Allwayswithyou account is secure, private - we never share  your data with anyone.

Your memories and stories are most important

We know how important your live stories and memories are - we help you treasure them and keep them safe.

Everything in one place

View your favourite photos, videos and music all from one place.

News from your family and friends

The Allwayswithyou platform allows your family, friends to share latest news and events with you.

Portability for everyday use

Bring us with you everyday, so you can view your favourite memories as often as you choose no matter where you are located.

What you get

Allwayswithyou uses the latest technology and innovation to address the trauma of separation and ensuing loneliness that often plague the lives of our loved ones. At Allwasywithyou, we embrace the use of ICT to support the physiological, psychological and psycho-social components of independent daily living for people, irrespective of age and physical/mental condition.

Designed for your loved one no matter what their circumstances

The Allwayswithyou platform provides a dedicated personalised channel for meaningful engagement with the important people in their lives helping them exercise choice, control and autonomy over their lives.  But more than that, It is about offering the independence, dignity, choice and control regardless of age, levels of ability (physical and mental), educational levels of attainment, and/or socio-economic status of those we love.

Secure, user friendly platform for your family

For the wider family, friends and community, Allwayswithyou provides an opportunity to create and share digital albums of events, people, and special moments with those  they wish to stay connected  with, helping to maintain that special connection with those we love no matter the circumstances.

How it works

A vast array of content can be uploaded and shared in real time via a tablet. In just a few minutes, you can link your loved ones tablet to your account and inviting members, creating a ‘circle of family & friends’. Once this circle is established, simply start uploading content to the channel dedicated to your loved one. AllwaysWithYou will send you regular insights about your loved one so that when you cannot be physically present, you are still getting that comfort feeling from these insights.

Help Solve Loneliness

Allwayswithyou is determined to provide people with a way to bridge the loneliness chasm, the digital divide, physical separation and geographical challenges.

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