The Care Companion For Older Adults

Be there and aware every time it happens.

Unleash the power of technology for better care services to older adults

Allwayswithyou solutions are powered by health analytics and technologies allow you to provide the most innovative care approaches.

Evolving demography makes it a challenge for caregivers to deliver qualitative service to their growing number of patients. We made it our mission to help you stay informed and connected and provide everyone with peace of mind.

Are you a home care service provider?

Do you feel the productivity of your caregivers is under pressure?

Do you believe in the value of health insights and monitoring to deliver enhanced care services?

Do you experience challenges in delivering quality care with social distancing?

Do you wonder how technology can help your teams of caregivers offer better care?

Allwayswithyou is here to help!

We make it easy for you to stay connected with your clients, starting with a simple device Our unique Care Companion app and advanced health analytics solutions allow you to stay informed with your patients and exchange information with caregivers.

Our Guarantees:

Easy to Use

Our solutions are designed especially for a simple and intuitive experience for older adults. They will love it.

Advanced Well Being Technologies

The Care Companion app is integrated with advanced health tracking and monitoring tools as well as a smart virtual assistant.

Stay in Touch

Our messaging, video calling and media sharing allow you to interact and communicate with each other for important family moments, and in any circumstances.

How it Works

To set up on Allwayswithyou, you will first need to SIGN UP for an Allwayswithyou account. Once signed up, you will need to provide one or more sensors from our partners to your Loved One. Once registration in is completed, you can invite members, creating a ‘family circle’ who can upload and share content in real time. Once you have paired your loved one's tablet to your Allwayswithyou account, simply start uploading content. Allwayswithyou will be able to provide you with visibility to your loved ones wellness (including activity; sleep; heart rate; blood pressure; temperature; stress etc) so that when you cannot be physically present, you are still getting a comfort from these insights.

What They Say About Us

Reference of a Jon

"Living abroad many months in a year and not being able to be with my old parents constantly have been a pang of tremendous guilt weighing me down over the years. When I came across Allwayswithyou it felt like a blessing for me as it meant that I could monitor my parents’ health and their wellbeing without having to stay at home. They love Allwayswithyou because it is self-explanatory and they do not feel overwhelmed by technology. Now my siblings and I enjoy uploading pictures of our kids and their day to day fun activities as my parents are the happiest when they see their grand children who live abroad. I recommend Allwayswithyou to anyone who feels that they need to spend more time with their parents, but their busy lives don’t allow it."

Sulochana Silva, Sri Lanka, Age 43

Reference of a Rosine

"Allwayswithyou has motivated me to be more aware of my general health. I find it is a new interest and hobby for me and has helped my feeling of wellbeing. It has shown me the specifics of where I need to focus - which is weight and exercise and I intend to improve on these from now on. It has helped to make me feel more confident seeing normal blood pressure, heart rate, daily steps and sleep score. The fact that my immediate family is also reviewing this daily information gives me great reassurance."

Alice O’Keeffe, Co. Cork, Ireland, Age 89

Reference of a Nurse

"This innovative technology provides solutions for older persons care in the home, residential and hospital settings. The ease of communication with Allwayswithyou provides a collaborative approach to include families, caregivers and professionals. Allwayswithyou monitors health indicators such as heart rate to avoid the disruption and difficulties associated with hospitalisation.The safe digital platform provides a calming presence with familiar photos, video clips etc. when the user is lonely or in an unfamiliar situation. Older persons have been forgotten in developing technology and innovative responses to common issues such as communication, accessing virtual health services and keeping in touch with family and friends. Allwayswithyou meets all these needs."

Sadie Cullen SRN, Dublin, Ireland

About Us

Majella McMahon:

Coming from a nursing background, I have first hand experience of caring and of the recent extremely challenging time for families with older parents, relatives and friends. The Covid crisis has proven that remote communication from the safety of home is essential for care needs and care givers. Family and friends need help today with health monitoring and communication - Allwayswithyou is all about addressing this growing and urgent need. In an all inclusive society older adults must benefit from this change in monitoring and care delivery, ultimately, allowing all of us to age at home in a safe, convenient and comfortable environment.

Brad Vrabete:

XXXXXXX Brad, maybe you can bring in the tag line ‘Be there and aware every time it matters’ to your note? many care professionals are just now beginning to embrace digital platforms. Allwayswithyou’s solution is designed as a care companion not just for older adults supports but also for their families and care givers.

Ger O’Keeffe:

Having experienced working in technology for many years, it is fantastic to have the opportunity, through Allwayswithyou, to bring the benefits of technology to those in most need. The specific needs of older adults are unfortunately often over looked by society & by advancements in technology. The Allwayswithyou team is setting out to change this. It is comforting to know that the Allwayswithyou programme has the potential to impact every family, especially those of the older generation to whom we owe so much. Ultimately, Allwayswithyou is setting a better future, not just for those we love, but also for you and me.