Unique Platform Designed to bring Family Members & Care Providers together to Care for Your Loved Ones.

Allwayswithyou is a cloud-based digital platform that is simple, intuitive and affordable bringing together the latest in technology to allow older adults to live longer in their own homes.

For The Family

For family, friends and their community, it is a way of never losing contact

This secure, user friendly platform helps you care for your loves ones providing real time insights to their wellness while making the sharing personal content simple, no matter what distance or obstacles stand in the way

Share Life Stories

Rebuild and share life stories that bring a smile to your loved ones face through ease of import from Google Photos and Facebook Media.

Organize Content

Organise favourite content including photos, videos and music into albums for ease of playback.

Invite Your Circle of Friends

Include friends, family and community - those who care most for your loved ones.

Ease of Use

This platform is designed for ease of use with any smartphone or device.

Tablet For Your Loved One

A dedicated tablet, paired securely to the Allwayswithyou portal - ready for playback and viewing.

Personalised Reporting

Receive real-time insights about your loved one, giving you the reassurance that all is ok.

Independent Living

Allwayswithyou helps your loved one to live longer in their own homes.

Choice of Playback Options

You decide if fully automated playback is the best option for your loved one or allow them to interact and choose albums for viewing.

Sign Up Easily

Sign up is easy - 3 steps to get up and running.

For loved ones

For your loved ones, it is a comfort knowing someone is caring and watching out, as well as providing a window to the lives of their families and those closest.

Allwayswithyou ensures you are never alone and that those closest are caring for you, keeping an oversight of your health and wellbeing, while maintaining meaningful connections with your community of family, friends and neighbours, Allwayswithyou offers you a safe and secure way to stay in touch with the lives of those closest to you, it is a way of never losing contact.

Maintain Meaningful Connections

Stay in touch with your circle of friends, family and community no matter where they are located.

Safest Way To Stay In Touch

Your Allwayswithyou account is secure and private - we never share your data with anyone.

Your Memories And Stories Are Most Important

We know how important your life stories and memories are - we help you treasure them and keep them safe.

Everything In One Place

View your favourite photos, videos and music all from one place.

News From Your Family And Friends

The Allwayswithyou platform allows your family and friends to share latest news and events with you.

Portability For Everyday Use

Bring us with you everyday, so you can view your favourite memories as often as you choose no matter where you are located.

How it works

To set up on Allwayswithyou, you will first need to SIGN UP for an Allwayswithyou account. Once signed up, you will need to provide one or more sensors from our partners to your Loved One. Once registration in is completed, you can invite members, creating a ‘family circle’ who can upload and share content in real time. Once you have paired your loved one's tablet to your Allwayswithyou account, simply start uploading content. Allwayswithyou will be able to provide you with visibility to your loved ones wellness (including activity; sleep; heart rate; blood pressure; temperature; stress etc) so that when you cannot be physically present, you are still getting a comfort from these insights.

Sign up in 3 easy steps

The set up and user interface are designed for ease-of-use, with different usage modes that cater for different abilities from fully interactive,
to fully automatic playback.

Set Up Organiser Account

You'll be responsible for inviting other friends, family  and community members to this secure account. You will also be responsible for registering coupons and/or arranging payment of the monthly service bill.

Configure Loved One Details

You will need to share some insights here about your loved one. This is to allow us to create a personalized experience for your this special person. No personal details are shared from our secure platform.

Pair Your Device

The final step in setting up this accounts is to pair your loved ones tablet with this account. This step needs to be completed just once and takes a minute to complete.

Pricing Overview

Social Module




Family Content Storage

3 Months Free

  • Up to 5 Users
  • Google Photos Import
  • Facebook Media Import

Wellness Module




Family Content Storage

3 Months Free

  • Up to 10 Users
  • Google Photos Import
  • Facebook Media Import
  • Withings Integration
  • Garmin Integration

Insights Module




Family Content Storage

3 Months Free

  • Unlimited Users
  • Google Photos Import
  • Facebook Media Import
  • Withings Integration
  • Garmin Integration
  • Allwayswithyou Assistance

For loved ones, it is a treasured window for viewing the lives of their families and those closest

avail of a 3 month free trial

We charge per month using our secure payment system.
No credit card required to sign up.